South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. (SEPTA)

SEPTA operates an all electric service centered on Philadelphia (go to Predominately an electric multiple unit operation, SEPTA offers peak hour electric locomotive hauled operations on three routes.

R3 West Trenton.

Train 6321         6.56am West Trenton to Philadelphia 30th Street   8.07am “Neshaminy Limited”
Train 6325         7.29am West Trenton to Philadelphia 30th Street   8.38am
Train 6374         4.42pm Philadelphia 30th Street to West Trenton   5.48pm
Train 6378         5.09pm Philadelphia 30th Street to West Trenton   6.15pm “Neshaminy Limited”

R5 Thorndale.

Train 9522         6.15am Thorndale to Temple University    7.35am
Train 9526         6.56am Thorndale to Temple University    8.00am “Great Valley Flyer”
Train 9538         7.25am Thorndale to Temple University    8.38am
Train 9555         4.36pm Temple University to Thorndale    5.48pm
Train 9559         4.55pm Temple University to Thorndale    6.14pm
Train 7565         5.41pm Suburban Station to Thorndale    6.35pm “Great Valley Flyer”
Train 9571         5.53pm Temple University to Thorndale    7.16pm

R7 Trenton.

Train 9724         7.16am Trenton to Temple University       8.20am
Train 9728         8.01am Trenton to Temple University       9.04am
Train 9745         4.39pm Temple University to Trenton       5.43pm

The motive power for these locomotive hauled services comes from a small stable of eight locomotives. Seven of these are General Motors built AEM7 locomotives with an add on of an ABB built ALP44. Roster details are as follows:-

GM AEM7         2301     2302     2303     2304     2305     2306     2307
ABB ALP44       2308

Unique in the SEPTA electric locomotive roster is ABB built ALP44 no. 2308 pictured during weekend stabling at Trenton, NJ on Saturday 6th May 2006. Picture courtesy of Gary Thornton.

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